Story, Dale                                                                                                                                                        4/21//2015
POLS  3310


Select a theory, relationships, thesis, series of hypotheses or questions, etc. that are of interest to you.  Note that you should not do any substantive research for this project.  It is essentially a “tools” assignment. 

Find a data set(s) or compile your own data set that includes variables (dependent and independent) relevant to your theory.

Develop eight hypotheses with brief explanations regarding their plausibility (again—no substantive research—just common sense—not arbitrary or capricious).

Use SPSS (available in UH-OIT computer lab) to generate statistical techniques examining each hypothesis.  SPSS Help (quicky summarizes any necessary steps).. Remember that measures of association require comparative hypotheses (e.g., which is a stronger relationship:  gender and vote; or ethnicity and vote).  You must use at least three different statistics among the following:  cross-tabs (with chi-square), lambda, gamma, correlation coefficient, and/or regression.